How Healthy Do You Want to Be?

Shhhh…. Can you hear it? It is quietly robbing you of energy, robbing you of your metabolism, robbing you of your life’s potential. It is called the “Silent Killer.” We all know about it, we all have it but what can we do about it. It is STRESS!

Your body’s ability to adapt to the different kinds of stress will determine how healthy you are. It will affect your body’s ability to fight disease and consequently how long you will live. This is my definition of health. It is not a matter of how you feel. Most people will say that felling good is the indicator of good health. This is wrong. Felling good is important but has nothing to do with your state of health. Disease develops silently in our bodies. Undetected by our senses until often times it is too late to do anything about it. Heart disease grows silently, cancer grows silently, back problems grow silently, and even cavities in your teeth grow silently.

There are generally 3 types of stress, physical stress, emotional stress and biochemical stress. Let’s take a look at all 3. These may seem obvious to you but let’s take a deeper look into these.

Physical Stress:
These can be in the form of old injuries that you may have or the chronic repetitive stress you put your body through everyday. The car accident you had when you were 17 or the 3 to 4 major injuries that you may have had that went untreated. This includes past sports injuries you had, the twisting falls on the soccer filed or getting your bell rung on the football field. There is a saying in Chiropractic, “Your body never forgets.” And you may forget about it but trust me these aches and pains won’t forget about you.

I see that many have the attitude that more is better when it comes to exercise. They will do boot camp 3 per week, hot yoga 2 days per week and trail running 3 times per week. This adds up too much stress. You gain the benefit of exercise when you rest and recover. Constant high intensity exercise never allows you to gain the full benefit. Have a rest day between intense exercise and see how you lose weight and fell better.

Emotional Stress:
This one may seem obvious and this is where most people think about stress. We have all uttered the phrases, “I am so stressed right now or quit stressing me out!” Stress runs deep. Who are you holding hard feelings for? Who do you need to forgive for past injuries? Who should you call right now and resolve that nagging problem. Are you satisfied with your place in life? Has your life turned out the way you planned or are you silently dissatisfied? These stresses held deeply are affecting us consciously and subconsciously.

Biochemical Stress:
What is this? These are the foods you eat, the water you drink, the cosmetics, sunscreens and perfumes you wear. Chemicals are everywhere in our environment. Read the labels in your deodorant, your hair gel or even you shampoo! What you put on you body you put in your body, never forget that.

Here are some easy practical steps to deal with the stress in your life.

Slow down a little each morning. Take 15 minutes a day. You can find the time when you schedule the time. During that time do 5 things.

1. Deep Breathing – “The Rule of 5”
-Take a deep breath in for a count of 5.
-Hold it in for a count of 5.
-Blow out for a count of 5.
-Repeat that 5 times. This calms your brain down when you slow your breathing down.

2. Visualize –Your mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined vividly in your mind. See yourself in a positive light, doing the things that empower you and make you happy. Visualize your ideal client in detail, see that house that has been sitting on the market for 6 months selling, and see yourself the seller and the buyer at closing, actually signing the papers. Can you tell I take care of a lot of stressed out people in the real estate industry!

3. Positive affirmations – The world can be a harsh place, where the power of one negative can out weigh many positives. Start your day with a positive message. Program yourself for success.

4. Meditate – clear your mind, be alone and just be. Remember we are human BEINGS not human DOINGS. We are overburdened with never-ending to do lists. There is never enough time in the day to get everything done so quit fooling yourself. Put 3 things on your list not 11. Complete those tasks and enjoy the sense of accomplishment instead of the sense of dread when you did not finish the 11.

5. Be Grateful. Have an attitude of gratitude. Think about the little things. Your children’s health, your health, the love from your family, the fact that you have food and shelter… the basics. We always want more. There is nothing wrong with wanting better things for you and your family but if you live in the present and notice that where you are today IS your life, you gain a deeper appreciation for all that is right in your life now.

The body is self healing and self regulating; it is the nervous system that is responsible for this. The spine protects the nervous system. Changes and damage to your spine can create changes and damage to your nervous system. This will affect how your body self heals and self regulates. Chiropractors detect changes in your spine and nervous system. Once detected we gently correct those changes to your spine, removing the stress from your nervous system so your body can being to self heal and self regulate better. If you really want to distress consult with your local Chiropractor and discover the true benefit of stress relief and not the simple reduction of aches or pain. We can help there too but Chiropractic is so much more than that! You’ll see.