Aging with Grace – Does the Fountain of Youth Exist? People are living longer. That is a fact. The average life span at the turn of the 21st century was 47. At the turn of this century, it is almost 80. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do you plan on living a healthy fulfilling life, or one filled with doctor’s appointments for various illness and diseases?” Don’t we all love when grandma goes on and on about her digestive problems in gory detail, and then how she shares her multiple trips to many different specialists? “Dr. Jones is the best in the business,” is her response. “… Then why are you still suffering?” (The response in my head as I politely listen
Poor diet and poor lifestyle choices are what is driving the medical machine in our country. We are out searching for answers and cures to diseases that could have been prevented with better lifestyle choices.
Heart disease (597,689 deaths, CDC) and cancer (574,743, CDC) are the two leading causes of death in the U.S. The choices that you make everyday will predict the likelihood that you will die of one of these two.
Take control of your health. As your years pass, you will have such a better quality of life if you maintain a healthy weight by committing to daily movement. Getting off the couch to get another beer does not count! If you want to avoid age related illnesses even worse than heart disease and cancer, conditions like Alzheimer’s and senile dementia then get going now with these recommendations.
Mark Hyam, in his book, The Blood Sugar Solution puts it very clearly. 1. Avoid flour and starches as they act like sugar in the blood stream. 2. Include healthy proteins such as wild fish, beans, nuts and organic free range animals. Protein fuels metabolism and helps you maintain muscle mass. 3. Liberally consume high fiber foods such as green vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, and beans.
4. Eat healthy fats. Those include omega-3 fats which are in fish oils and flax oils. Other healthy fats include coconut oil and olive oil. And stay away from hydrogenated oils, soybean oil, peanut oil, and palm oil. Stimulate Your Brain We used to think that you were born with a set amount of brain cells. If we burned them then we lost them forever. We now know that is NOT true. Your brain will grow and adapt to the stresses you put on it. What does this mean for you? Learn something new every year. Learn to play an instrument, do puzzles, and take some dance classes. You CAN get better as you get older. Decline with age is NOT inevitable. If you retire and then proceed to wear out your couch before you wear out a pair of running shoes then you are heading down the wrong road. When asking a group of people who turned 100 years old what their secret for longevity was, the two things that showed up most were that they were physically active either through exercise or work, and, they had deep meaningful relationships. So, by stimulating your mind and body, you unlock the door to the fountain of youth (you put “a groups”, did you mean “a group” or “groups”) The Role of Chiropractic The public perception of Chiropractic care is that we only treat the many painful muscle and joint problems. This is true, but symptomatic improvement is a byproduct of a healthy aligned and properly functioning spine. Your spine is the core of your body. What is in the center of an apple? It is the core. What is in the center of us? It is our spine, our core. Keeping this healthy and strong, moving will decrease the likelihood of pain and immobility in the future. How does this impact our life? You used to enjoy 18 holes of golf, now you are done after 13. You used to be able to get down on the floor and play with your kids or grandkids, now it’s a challenge just getting up off the floor. You used to like to walk with friends but your achey joints make it too much of a struggle. How many patients hobble into a chiropractor’s office complaining of aching backs or stiff arthritic joints? The evolution into anti-aging healing is logical for chiropractors. There are many great Chiropractors here in El Dorado Hills. Why not call one and see how Chiropractic care can help you.